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So Many Whiskers greatly depends on our dedicated volunteers to help us care for our homeless animals. We have a variety of opportunities available for volunteering. We have several areas

Event Staffing - SMW does a significant number of events within the state of Maryland, most of them showcasing our adoptable animals. Our volunteers are integral to our success in performing outreach in the community, highlighting the care we provide to homeless animals, and making those perfect animal/adopter matches. 

Administrative Volunteers - SMW is seeking volunteers to help with a wide variety of administrative tasks. These include, posting our events on social media and advertising platforms, responding to inquiries, processing adoption applications, graphic design, and newsletters.


​​Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!



What is the foster program?

When you foster you get the best of both worlds – you get to take care of and love a wonderful animal (or animals) and you get to know that one day they will get adopted into their forever home.  Fostering is a huge part of that – you are taking care of them until their forever family has the chance to meet them!

What types of cats and kittens need fostering?

SMW receives many requests for assistance from our local partner shelters and the public. These requests include small kittens with a mother who need a safe place to grow up, orphan bottle kittens with no mother, older kittens who need socialization, adult cats that need to gain confidence, and cats recovering from surgery, injury or illness.

Can I foster an animal with hopes of adopting him or her? 

No. If you’re interested in adopting an animal, please fill out our adoption application. Fostering-to-adopt is confusing and complicated for the pet; it’s not in his or her best interest if the home does not work out. We suggest meeting and interacting with the cat several times before adopting. Also, the change in atmosphere is very confusing for the pet. Fostering before adopting also leaves very blurred lines and additional paperwork for both parties. Keep it simple: if you want to change a life, adopt. If you want to change many lives, foster.

What am I responsible for as a foster parent?
The foster parent is responsible for love and care and transportation as necessary. This includes transportation to and from adoption events or vet appointments. Foster parents are not responsible for vet care costs, but they must use one of our approved vets or be authorized to use another. Foster parents are welcome to provide financial or non-monetary assistance to their fosters.

What do I need to do to start fostering pets?
SMW has the same requirements for its foster homes as its adoptive homes. Potential fosters must fill out a foster application with personal references and a vet references. 

Why Foster?

It's a fun way to help animals and make a difference! You will learn new things and gain invaluable experience. Cats are the best snugglers.

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